Tuesday, June 18

Saekwa Cloudseeker

I had met Sister Saekwa at our tribe's tavern night, not long after I had been invited into the tribe as an initiate. She had seemed to wander away from us for some time, but returned to us while I was exploring Pandaria. She is a shu'halo tracker with brown fur and never without her companion, a white wolf named A'hok. I had known her to be quiet around others, and A'hok to be very protective of her in the beginning, but both her and A'hok seem to welcome, and enjoy my company in recent times.

I came upon her one night not long ago with a bull I did not recognize in Ratchet. He was performing a healing ritual with her, for a scar she bears on her shoulder. It causes her pain to this day, and at times she is unable to use her arm because of it. I tried to soothe the wound long ago with An'she's warmth, but I could not help. She says that the pain may be caused by past trauma. I was unhappy to hear that Saekwa held onto such a thing, but did not wish to pry. I thanked him for helping her, and we returned to the Ravine.

She had held onto my arm and leaned on me for most of the way home. I was at ill ease, but did not say anything as I wished her to feel at ease. I pray that nobody had seen us like this... I do not want others to believe that we are together, like that. There was a time when I had thought, perhaps, I might have seen Saekwa as a potential mate. I had forgotten this in her absence, but was reminded of it while we traveled home, and it made me feel even less comfortable. Maengun is my mate. I love her with my whole heart. There is no one else, and I do not want there to be another.

When we had returned home, we sat by the bonfire to talk, and relax. I brought my pipe, and the herbs I use for smoking. Saekwa had not smoked, before, so I taught her how to smoke my pipe. It was amusing to watch her... she had first tried to swallow her smoke, then when she tried again, she made many strange noises. I could not help but laugh... in turn she had thought my laughing sounded strange, and she laughed, too, and we could not stop. I did not expect this to happen, as I usually smoke my pipe while alone.

Wednesday, June 12

Much Has Happened

In recent times, there has been so much happening. I have forgotten to record my thoughts on so much.

Pipiltin has been found alive and well... she was trapped in the Emerald Dream, somehow. I could not believe this to be true when I first heard of it, but I would later find that she was very much alive. I can recall only one time before that I had felt such happiness to see someone. She has lost her ability to hear the spirits, but now possesses druidic powers. Even though she is alive and my anger has been calmed, I continue to take my fight the Kor'kron in the Barrens and help the Darkspear trolls. Pipiltin's apparent death was only one transgression against what is right, and I will admit that it why I started to fight. Many still suffer by their hands.

Because of this fighting, I have found myself tired more and more, and resting by the pond in Thunder Bluff. As I did this one day, I had found a face I did not ever expect to see again: my friend Orone, from my birth tribe. We talked for a time, telling each other what we had done since I was given to the Horde army. He has been to Northrend and worked with the Cenarion Circle to try and heal the land during the war with the Lich King. He was called to work not too long after we had started talking, unfortunately, so I do not know more. Just that neither he nor I know what has become of the other Riverwatchers.

The last thing I wish to record... I had learned who Maengun's father was, a week ago. I could not believe my ears as another name I knew was called, and Maengun responded to it during our tribe's meeting... she has a family name. She had never told anyone of her family name before, and I had assumed she had none. She is Maengun Elkhoof.

She is Mukwa's child.

I had felt foolish. Her father... I had known him all this time. But as I realized this, I also remembered that his mind was destroyed. He does not remember her. I told her what I knew about Mukwa but she still wished to see him. I would not see her for a few days after this, until I found her in Bloodhoof Village. She was distraught. I can not begin to understand how she felt, then, to have searched for him for so long, only to learn that he did not remember her...

Maengun asked me, then, to never forget her. I assured her that I could not, after all we have done together. Now more than ever, I wish to be there for her... for my family... my friends. For everyone. Until ash.

Monday, May 27


Words cannot describe the anger I am feeling. But I do not like it.

Pipiltin is dead, murdered by the Kor'kron. Others in my family have been attacked by Garrosh's armies, I have heard, and the rumors of other innocents falling victim to them is also true. Gren'mazi has closed his shop in Bloodhoof Village, for fear of his safety, and Rhezzaka's. Urukha has declared war upon the Kor'kron... she is not well. I watched her break just the other night, laughing and crying without control. When asked what I might do to help, she had told me just this:

"Kill. Kill them all."

I believe that the spirits wish to fuel my rage further... I was brought to Camp Taurajo by a shaman I met in Thunder Bluff just last night. My birth tribe had come to this post in the past to trade, in times when we could not support ourselves. It was a peaceful rest, from what I had remembered... but now it is in ruin. I was told that Alliance forces laid waste to the camp after the Shattering happened... I do not know why. It was only a trading post. I lost control of myself, and loosed my rage upon some humans patrolling the ruins. How dare they tread that ground.

I do not know if it is right, but I no longer feel it matters if it is not: those that are harming the innocent must know the pain they leave. I have spoke to Maengun on these matters... and she is willing to help any way she can. I have told her to stay away from Orgrimmar unless it is absolutely necessary, and that she may do as she wishes with any Kor'kron soldier she finds. To know she will help me calms me, even if only a little...

Today, I leave my shield here, and wield the sword left for my by Theran. If I am to show the honorless the pain they have caused to the innocent, a shield will only serve to get in my way.

Until ash.